Master’s in Media Communication Studies

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Excited by the possibility of becoming a research analyst, project director, station manager, or other communication professional? Join our progressive faculty and prepare yourself for a variety of careers in the dynamic field of communication with a master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies (MCS).

Program Structure

  • Minimum of 33-36 hours of coursework; usually requires 4 semesters to complete
  • Creative project, thesis or courses-only option

Program Objective

The Media and Communication Studies program is designed for students interested in studying communication interactions in society, including communication theory, research, analysis, and media content and effects. Check out the MCS Courses page to find out more out courses and Sample Program of Study to view a sample program. Upon completion of the program, students obtain a Master’s in Communication.

Career Opportunities

The program prepares students for positions in media, communication agencies, or other political, social, and public sector organizations. The program also serves as preparation for doctoral work in communication, leading to a teaching or research position.

Benefits and Skills

Introduction to theory, research methods, history, and contemporary social issues pertaining to the following:

  • Human communication, such as social interaction and gender studies
  • Political communication, rhetoric, and persuasion
  • Mass media criticism, policy, processes, and effects
  • Application of theories of communication studies, rhetoric, and mass communication, using various research methods
  • Analysis of content and effects of traditional and new media
  • Development of tools for analyzing communication campaigns: political, public, and advocacy
  • Creation of digital media