Program Information

College: Communication & Information
Limited Access: Yes
Contact: Natashia Hinson-Turner, Graduate Coordinator
School of Communication
Suite 3100, University Center C, FSU
P.O. Box 3062664
Tallahassee, FL USA 32306-2664
Phone: (850)-644-5034

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The GRE has been waived for Master’s Program applicants through 2026.

Program Description

Combined bachelor’s/master’s pathways provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Upon approval, a combined bachelor’s/master’s pathway allows for up to 12 graduate hours to be shared with, or double-counted toward, an undergraduate degree program.

These 12 credits will be counted as electives at the undergraduate level.

A student enrolled in a combined pathway will earn the baccalaureate degree upon completion of the undergraduate program and master’s degree upon completion of the graduate program. Undergraduate students may earn graduate credit in the Integrated Marketing Communication, Public Interest Media and Communication, or the Media and Communication Studies degree programs.

Admission Requirements:

Undergraduate students applying to this program must:

  1. Be admitted into an undergraduate degree program in the FSU School of Communication or School of Information
  2. Have an FSU GPA of at least 3.5;
  3. Have successfully completed a minimum of 12 graded hours in College of Communication & Information (CCI) courses and have a GPA of at least 3.5 in all CCI courses attempted (Note: Transfer students must have completed a minimum of 24 hours at Florida State University);
  4. Have Verbal and Quantitative Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.*
  5. Be admitted into the FSU Graduate School and a School of Communication graduate program.

(See the “Advised Timeline” on the “Program Overview” page for more details).

Students normally apply to the combined degree program in their junior year. They should take the Graduate Record Examination prior to, or no later than, the semester that they apply to the combined program. (Note: Students applying for

admission to the combined degree program may be permitted to take one (1) approved graduate class during the semester that they take the GRE exam.)*

Students should make formal application for admission to the FSU Graduate School and the School of Communication graduate program no later than the first semester of their senior year.

GRE Eligibility exception

*NOTE: As of July 8, 2019, the GRE requirement will be waived for outstanding Master’s applicants meeting at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • A completed Master’s, JD, MD, PhD, or other comparable terminal degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher from a North American accredited institution.
  • Five years of professional communication-related experience and a 3.0 or higher upper‐division undergraduate GPA from a North American accredited institution.
  • FSU undergraduate communication majors (main campus) with an upper‐division communication GPA of 3.6 or higher and an overall GPA of 3.6 or higher.

Applicants must provide evidence to satisfy the criteria being applied. To request a waiver, complete the online Entrance Exam Waiver Request Form. Applicants with a competitive GRE score will still be able to apply to the program and will not be held to these additional criteria.


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