Assistantship Criteria

The School of Communication offers several assistantships to graduate students in the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Each assistantship is a 10-hour per week appointment compensated by a stipend and tuition waivers.

Assistantships are awarded based on academic performance and applicable skills. Assistantship applications must be submitted along with the graduate school application. Candidates must have a 3.5 undergraduate GPA or higher, must show transferrable skills, and must submit their application by the deadlines indicated below.

· Fall: March 15th

· Spring: September 15th

· Summer: February 1st

For any additional questions about assistantships contact the School of Communication Assistant Director Jason Khan-Hohensee (


Teaching Assistantships

Most assistantship assignments will be teaching assistantships (TA). Teaching assistants provide support to faculty in the form of class preparation, grading assignments, leading discussions, and lecturing. Teaching assistants must complete day one of PIE training prior to the commencement of the assistantship and are required to complete any additional training seminars or courses as determined by the School of Communication.


Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantship (GA) positions are occasionally available. A graduate assistantship could entail assisting with administrative responsibilities, assisting School of Communication staff, and working on projects for the leadership team.


Research Assistantships

The School of Communication also has several research assistantship positions available. Research assistants help faculty with tasks pertaining to their research projects. Research assistantships are traditionally reserved for doctoral students. Grant works may demand some help from Masters students depending on funding sources and amounts.