Program Information

College: Communication & Information
Limited Access: Yes
Contact: Natashia Hinson-Turner, Graduate Coordinator
School of Communication
Suite 3100, University Center C, FSU
P.O. Box 3062664
Tallahassee, FL USA 32306-2664
Phone: (850)-644-5034

Connecting, Creating, Growing

A graduate degree in Communication could help to transform your career. The School of Communication’s Media and Communication Studies Master’s Program is designed for graduate students interested in studying communication theory, research, analysis, media content, and media effects. Our program offers two tracks.

  • The thesis/creative project track is for students interested in getting involved in discovery through doing their own research. This track is encouraged if the student desires to later pursue a terminal degree in communication.
  • The coursework track is for students who want to learn as much as they can about what is going on in the discipline from the research and writings of various scholars in the field.

Both tracks offer theoretical and practical knowledge that can help students begin or shore up a career in communication or communication-related professions. We also offer a School-wide Ph.D. in Communication where students can choose to obtain a terminal degree in their area of interest with the support of highly esteemed and award-winning teaching and research scholars.

Excited by the possibility of becoming a research analyst, project director, station manager, or other communication professional?

Join our progressive faculty and prepare yourself for a variety of careers in the dynamic field of communication with a master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies (MCS).

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