Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies: Asia-Pacific (MCCAP)

About the MCCAP Conference: 

The Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies: Asia-Pacific (MCCAP) conference is an annual meeting of the global community of communication, media and cultural scholars, researchers, educators, practitioners, and enthusiasts who are dedicated to exploring and analyzing various aspects of Asia-Pacific communication/media environments and culture.   

The conference serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas, research findings, and creative endeavors that delve into the intricate intersections of communication, media, technology, and cultural practices within the Asia-Pacific context. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, the MCCAP plays a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of how media shapes perceptions, narratives, and identities, while also shedding light on the broader social, political, and economic implications that underlie these phenomena.  

Annual MCCAP Conference

2023 MCCAP Conference, October 26-27, 2023 (Click below or scan QR Code)

The Phenomenon of Hallyu (the Korean wave of pop culture) and its Impact on the Global Industry

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Organizing Committees:

Dr. Jaejin Lee (Florida State University, USA) Email:

Dr. Steve McDowell (Florida State University, USA) Email:

Dr. Jenghoon Lee (Daejin University, South Korea) Email:

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Student Organizing Committees:

Kyeongwon Kwon, Junho Park, Sunny Park (School of Communication, Florida State University, USA)

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