Master’s in IMC

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The Integrated Marketing Communication graduate program is designed for students interested in careers that merge advertising, public relations, cross-cultural marketing communication, new communication technologies, and applied research. It provides a foundation for students who wish to pursue professional careers in integrated marketing communication, digital marketing communication, or multicultural marketing communication. The program also can lead to advanced graduate studies.

Program of Study

This program requires a minimum of 33-36 hours of coursework and applications with four program completion options. An individualized plan based on students’ interests will be developed with an advisor after admission to the program.

Program Completion Options (Choose one)
Residency Course-Only Thesis Creative Project
Required 15-18 credit hours
Electives 12-15 18-21 9-12 9-12
Capstone 3 0 6 6
Min. total hrs 33 36 33 33
Min. letter graded hrs 27 27 24 27


Required Courses

(15-18 hours) All students in the master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication program are required to take five specific courses, covering foundational concepts, theories, and methods. In addition, those who did not graduate from a US university with a degree in Public Relations, or Advertising, or Marketing are required to take a sixth course. The area coordinator for the IMC division is responsible for determining who may waive the sixth required course. The hours need to be made up by taking an additional elective course.

Elective Courses

(9-21 hours) Students are able to focus on an area of particular interest via their elective course work. The number of hours completed as electives depend on the student’s background as well as the capstone option chosen. Below are several suggested concentration areas. The list of concentration areas or courses is not complete. Students may choose other courses or course combinations, including up to six hours outside of the department, as long as the student’s program of study has been approved by the supervisory committee.

Capstone Options

(3-6 hours) Students will complete the IMC program by choosing one of four capstone options. The Residency is a 3-hour option. The courses-only, thesis, and creative project options are each 6-hour options. Students who are planning to pursue a doctoral program after completing the Master’s degree are strongly urged to choose the thesis capstone option. Requirements and guidelines for completing each of the three applied options are available from the supervisory committee. For the course-only option, students should register for two additional courses, taught by IMC faculty, in the School of Communication. The courses need to be approved by the supervisory committee as part of the student’s program of study.