Program Information

College: Communication & Information
Limited Access: No
Contact: Natashia Hinson-Turner, Graduate Coordinator
School of Communication
Suite 3100, University Center C, FSU
P.O. Box 3062664
Tallahassee, FL USA 32306-2664
Phone: (850)-644-5034

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

The importance of Project Management has grown substantially in the past decade as the size and complexity of projects have increased. Projects are often delivered late (or not at all), and budgets are exceeded, which affects profitability—these difficulties underscore the need for well-trained, certified project managers. The graduate certificate program provides the foundation necessary to plan for these difficulties and achieve success as a project manager. Students who obtain the Graduate Certificate in Project Management will have a set of skills and knowledge that prepare them to excel at managing projects as well as preparing them to take the international Project Management Professional (PMP) exam and the PMI AGILE CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER (PMI-ACP) exam (if corresponding elective taken) offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Career Opportunities

There has always been a need for project managers, but society has begun to recognize the need for training and expertise in project management. Several research studies have found that project managers who have knowledge and experience are more effective in the workplace. Such project managers save their employers money by increasing the prospects of finishing projects on time and on budget. Increasingly, project managers are widely recognized for their contributions to organizational productivity and project success. As a result, employers are willing to pay project managers for their knowledge and ability.

Benefits and Skills

Students who successfully complete The Florida State University Graduate Certificate Program in Project Management will gain knowledge of key Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) concepts and approaches, including project management process groups, knowledge areas, and the application of tools and techniques of project management as defined in the PMBOK. Students also will be exposed to advanced project management concepts and approaches proposed by Deming, Crosby, Drucker, Goldratt and other notable authors plus Agile Project Management , as well as related communication theory and/or communication research methods over and beyond PMI certification requirements.

This program is ideal for the working professionals who can complete the Certificate online or graduate students who wish to supplement their education via online or lecture classes.

Certificate Program Structure

  • Can be taken as part of a graduate degree curriculum, or as a non-degree seeking student pursuing just the graduate certificate. Admissions information.
  • Twelve credit hours of coursework (4 three-hour courses) that can be completed in 2-3 semesters.
  • Structured program with two required classes and two electives in areas of expertise (see “courses” menu). List of courses.
  • Certificate courses may be completed via lecture, online or a combination of both methods.
  • All certificate students have to submit a program of studies outlining the courses they intend to complete by the end of their first semester.
  • As this program is interdisciplinary, some of the courses listed may be restricted by major. In the student’s first semester of study, the student should coordinate with the appropriate departments or schools prior to registration to confirm access to classes.
  • Courses for the fall and spring are 16 weeks and  the summer courses are 13 weeks.  All classes are valued at 45 PDU’s