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All students accepted into the Project Management Certificate program after June 10th, 2013 must complete four courses that cover the major principles in project management. Students are required to complete the courses outlined below unless they receive permission to use a transfer course or course substitution from the program director Dr. John DuBard.

Certificate Class Map

AREA I – Project Management Core Courses (6 credit hours, required)

COM 5450 – Introduction to Project Management
COM 5451 – Advanced Topics in Project Management

(Prerequisite: COM 5450)

AREA II – Project Management Theory (3 credit hours, choose one)

COM 5126 – Organizational Communication Theory and Practice
COM 5452 – Agile Project Management
MMC 6469 – Diffusion of Innovations

AREA III – Research Methods (3 credit hours, choose one)

COM 5127 – Assessing Organizational Communication
COM 5316 – Statistical Methods in Communication Research
COM 5317 – Content Analysis in Communication Research

NOTE: Students completing the Certificate Program online may take COM 5452, Agile Project Management, in Area II to satisfy Area III requirements. This option will require students to take two courses in Area II. Degree seeking graduate students are expected to complete COM 5316.

Course Availability by Semester

Fall Spring Summer
COM 5450 Online Online Online
COM 5451 Online
COM 5126 Online
COM 5452 Online
MMC 6469 Online
COM 5127 Offered Irregularly Offered Irregularly Offered Irregularly
COM 5316 Lecture Lecture
COM 5317 Offered Irregularly Offered Irregularly Offered Irregularly