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What is the Graduate Certificate in Project Management?

The core curriculum of the program utilizes the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that defines project management as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to accomplish a unique product, service or result.”  The philosophy of this program is to provide a working knowledge of project management, enabling students effectively to utilize software tools and working procedures to manage projects that are simple or complex within a defined time frame, whether it is short or long in duration.

Students who successfully complete the certificate will have knowledge of management processes, knowledge areas, tools, and techniques of project management defined in PMBOK with an emphasis on communication and organizational systems. This program of studies will also focus on preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This certificate program provides the foundation information that is necessary to achieve this management success, but this is not all it provides.

The program also provides a deep level of exposure to concepts that are beyond the requirements of the PMBOK. Students will gain a detailed understanding of Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, Deming’s theories of common and special causes, Covey’s concepts of effective personal growth and leadership, Crosby’s concept of quality and the theories and concepts of several prominent managers. Additionally, students will learn basic functions of Microsoft Project to schedule projects. Optionally, students may take our Agile Project Management course which focuses on preparation for the PMI AGILE CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER (PMI-ACP) exam

How do I enroll?

Students in this program must be a regular graduate at FSU in any degree program or a non-degree seeking student. Both types of students must enroll through the Registrar’s Office approximately two months prior to the start of the semester in which they want to start taking classes.

non-degree seeking student for this program is a classification assigned to a non-degree-seeking student for registration privileges. Admission as a non-degree seeking student is subject to approval and is open to post-baccalaureate students for graduate course work provided the student is in good academic standing at the last attended institution. Applicants who have been denied admission as a degree-seeking student or who missed the deadline for submitting a degree-seeking application will not be considered for admission as a non-degree seeking student.

A non-degree seeking student at The Florida State University who subsequently decides to pursue a degree must apply for admission through the Office of Admissions. The student may be reclassified as a regular graduate student upon meeting regular graduate admission requirements. Enrollment as a non-degree-seeking student does not guarantee admission to a graduate program.

Several of the courses in the project management certificate program are restricted to 20-25 students, therefore early registration is important to obtain a seat in these lecture classes.

What’s a graduate non-degree seeking student?

A non-degree seeking student status is granted to students who have completed the FSU application process but have not formally applied to a degree program. A non-degree seeking student may complete up to 12 hours of coursework and thereby, complete our FSU Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

What is the cost of classes for the certificate program?

The cost of the program can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically costs will be lower for in-state students who are already currently enrolled in a graduate program at FSU. There is a market rate tuition for students living outside of Florida who are not enrolled in a regular FSU graduate program. For more information regarding the market rate tuition, email a Project Management Certificate Team Member. To get a general idea of the cost of classes, please see the Tuition Rates page.

I’m using an FSU waiver, can I take Project management courses?

Yes, but there is an $88 fee per credit hour that you must pay out of pocket.

I’m using a state waiver, can I take Project management courses?

Yes, but only on a space available basis.

How long does it take to complete courses for the certificate?

It usually takes 3-4 semesters, but the courses can be completed in two semesters.  Some classes are offered in the late afternoon or early evening and some are offered online.  The Introduction to Project Management course must be completed before enrolling in Advanced Topics in Project Management.  All Certificate courses can be taken in one semester except for Advanced Topics in Project Management.

Are the courses offered online?


At this time several courses are offered online in addition to the face to face courses. In fact, the certificate requirements can be satisfied through courses available online. Both of the required courses for the certificate, Introduction to Project Management (COM 5450) and Advanced Topics in Project Management (COM 5451), are now offered online along with Organizational Communication (COM 5126) and Agile Project Management (COM 5452).

Is there paperwork I need to complete to receive the certificate?

Students are requested to submit an application for the Graduate Certificate in Project Management after you are accepted in the graduate school at FSU, but prior to beginning coursework in this program and receive notification of acceptance into the program. Students wishing to take courses could apply during their first semester.

Upon successful completion of The Certificate program of studies, each student must fill out and submit a request for Award of the Certificate. Each student will receive a Project Management Certificate from the College of Communication and Information signed by the Project Management Center Director, Department Director, Dean and Associate Dean of the College.

Project Management Certificate Application

Can I transfer the credits?

The courses for the Certificate are graduate, academic courses and should be transferable to any department, college, or university as part of a Master or Ph.D. program.

Non-degree seeking students who want to complete the FSU master’s program in Integrated Marketing Communication may be allowed to transfer the 12 credits earned through the certificate program into their program of study. Credits earned through this Project Management program may be used to supplement a program of studies from any discipline, but a limited number of credits (6 transfer credits are allowed in COM programs) may be accepted in different disciplines.

Work taken as a non-degree seeking student does not automatically carry graduate degree credit; however, if the work is taken within the time limits prescribed by the degree program and approved by the department chair and dean, up to twelve (12) hours of graduate-level credit with a grade of “B” or better in each course may count toward the degree, provided the student qualifies for admission to a graduate degree program.

Advisors from Florida State University or other University programs should be consulted, if students are interested in transferring credit for our graduate project management courses towards a graduate degree in another department, college or university.

What grades must I make in my four Certificate courses?

In order to fulfill the certificate requirements, students must complete 12 approved semester hours with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 and no grade lower than a “B-“. The program of studies must be completed within a three year period and include a selection of courses from the areas outlined in the program of studies. The minimum acceptable grade for the required course COM 5450, Introduction to Project Management, is a “B”.