Graduate Programs

School of Communication Graduate Programs

The FSU School of Communication offers graduate degrees at both its main campus in Tallahassee and its Panama City, Fla., campus. The master’s degree programs include both professional and research tracks.

Graduate Programs

The master’s degrees offered at main campus are Integrated Marketing Communication, Media and Communication Studies, and Public Interest Media Communication. The Panama City campus offers a master’s degree in Corporate and Public Communication. The Tallahassee campus also offers a Ph.D. in Communication, with the option of either mass communication or speech communication.

Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways

The School offers a combined Bachelor’s to Master’s (BA/MA or BS/MS) program, which enables academically strong students to complete Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at an accelerated pace. This program is offered on the Tallahassee campus only.

Application Process

We admit graduate students three times a year. Deadline for Fall is July 1; Spring is Nov. 1; Summer is March 1. Opportunities for funding are available but limited, so prospective students are encouraged to apply early. All applicants for master’s and doctoral programs must satisfy university requirements as well as School of Communication requirements. Check the Graduate Admissions page for more information on the application process.

If you’re interested in receiving printed materials or would like to talk to someone about the program, please contact graduate recruiter Betsy Crawford by either e-mail or by telephone at 850-645-9661.

Information about main campus tuition and fees as well as tuition for other FSU campuses can be found on the Controller’s Office Web site.

Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways in Communication

The dual degree program in Communication allows 12 credit hours of graduate coursework to be dually counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees, provided the courses have not been counted toward a previous graduate degree. Undergraduate students from any School of Communication major (Advertising, Media and Communication Studies, Digital Media Production or Public Relations) may apply for the dual degree program. Master’s offered in this program are Integrated Marketing Communication and Media and Communication Studies. For more information, visit the Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways site.

MS/MA in Integrated Marketing Communication

This program is designed as a terminal master’s degree for graduate students who are interested in professional positions emphasizing corporate communication, organizational change, or information management within a variety of settings, including business, government or educational institutions. This master’s degree focuses on organizational communication, system planning, strategic communication, management, and research. Within the IMC program, there are tracks for students who want to study traditional IMC, Digital Marketing Communication or Hispanic Marketing Communication. The digital track is for students who are interested in managing interactive communication and the development of digital communication products, as well as digital applications implementing multimedia. The Hispanic track prepares students who intend to be professionally involved in serving the U.S. Hispanic market as marketers, media executives, social service providers, advertisers and/or advertising strategy developers. In addition, this track is a starting point for students who desire to build an academic career on this subject. For more information, vist the Integrated Marketing Communication site.

MS/MA in Corporate and Public Communication (Panama City)

A master’s degree in Corporate and Public Communication is offered on our Panama City campus only. This program is designed for graduate students currently employed in or seeking professional positions emphasizing public affairs, public information, public issues management within business, government, non-profit organizations or educational institutions. Students have the option of a pursuing a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree in Professional Communication/Corporate and Public Communication. For more information on programs at FSU’s Panama City campus, visit the Communication Programs in Panama City site.

MS/MA in Media and Communication Studies

This program is designed for graduate students interested in studying communication interactions in society. Studies may result in a terminal degree leading to a position in media, a communication-related agency, or other organizations involving political, social and public sector settings. The program may also serve as preparation for doctoral work in communication, leading to a teaching or research position.

The Media and Communication Studies major is also appropriate for students interested in studying mass communication and offers instruction in media research methods and tools, theories and content pertaining to media communication processes and effects, mass media regulation, policy and other topics.

Students seeking The Media and Communication Studies degree may choose to complete a certificate in Digital Video Production as part of their degree. The certificate provides students with the fundamental skills of digital video production such as competence with a range of digital video cameras, microphones, basic lighting principles and non-linear editing software. In addition, students will learn the principles of visual storytelling and narrative construction.

The doctoral programs prepare graduates for careers in teaching and research in academic, private sector, and public affairs settings. All programs prepare students for leadership roles. The School of Communication recruits students to ensure incoming classes of highly qualified individuals representing diverse backgrounds. For more information, visit the Media and Communication Studies site.

PhD in Communication

The doctoral program is primarily designed for students who are interested in pursuing positions at research-based institutions within the communication discipline, especially academic positions at research universities. However, students may choose to use the degree to launch a career in research, consultancy, not-for-profit organizations, governmental affairs, or one of the various communication-related industries.

Regardless of the student’s chosen career path, the primary objective for all will be to become an independent and original scholar. Beginning with a common set of foundational courses, students will encounter a range of philosophical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to communication scholarship. A major goal of the program is for students to gain knowledge of and an appreciation for the complexities and interdependencies within communication inquiry. To that end, students will gain a critical, historical, and theoretical grounding in the broad communication discipline and then will pursue more advanced study through doctoral-level seminars, directed independent studies, and supervised research experiences. The program emphasis is communication theory and research.

For more information, visit our Ph.D. in Communication site.

Helpful information

The Communication Graduate Handbook provides valuable information about moving to Tallahassee and joining The Florida State University. The Graduate School at Florida State University also is a valuable source of information. There, you can find links to the Graduate Studies Information Packet, New Graduation Student Information Checklist and the Graduate Student Handbook, campus maps and many other resources.