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The following course list is meant to give a general overview of the program. A specific plan based on student interest will be developed with an advisor after admission to the program. Students may choose to focus their program based on their personal area of interest.

Required courses and recommended course sequencing are:

Course Number Course Title Semester Offered Recommended Semester
ADV 5007 Foundations of IMC (may be waived for students with degrees in PR, ADV, or MKT) Fall & Spring First
ADV 5503 Media Consumer Behavior Fall & Summer First or second
ADV 5605 Account Planning Fall & Spring Any semester after first
COM 5314 Measurement of Listener-Viewer Attitude and Response Fall & Summer Any semester
COM 5331 Computers in Communication Research Fall & Spring First or second
COM 5316 Statistical Methods in Communication Research Fall & Spring After completing COM 5331

Elective Courses

As part of their elective course work, students are encouraged to enroll in courses that form cohesive content clustered. Suggested IMC concentration areas and suggested clusters of courses are listed below. Students may add Media and Communication Studies courses or courses from outside the department (up to 6 credit hours) with prior approval.

1. Intercultural & Multicultural Marketing Communication, suggested courses:

  • ADV 5415, Hispanic Marketing Communication
  • ADV 5416, Multicultural Marketing Communication
  • COM 6400, Special Topics: International PR*

2. Digital Communication and IT, suggested courses:

  • COM 5338, Website Usability and Design
  • COM 5339, Design for the Web
  • COM 6931, Special Topics: ICT Entrepreneurship
  • VIC 5006, Visual Communication

3. Strategic Communication, suggested courses:

  • COM 5126, Organizational Communication Theory
  • COM 5450, Introduction to Project Management
  • COM 5546, Political Communication
  • COM 6400, Special Topics: International PR*

4. Your own cluster of courses in your area of interest

*Note: Students may take no more than 6 credit hours of COM 6400 throughout their program of study.


Students may also complete one of the School’s Graduate Certificates as part of their elective coursework.

  • Multicultural Marketing Communication Certificate (12 required hours)
  • Project Management Certificate (12 required hours)

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