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Student Testimonials


schmid“When the time came to evaluate potential masters degrees, I was looking for something that wasn’t easily offered by anybody at the time on a nation-wide scale. I was looking for a multimedia angle along with a management component…The fact that FSU offered a graduate certificate track in project management as part of the curriculum for a Masters in Interactive and New Communication Technologies made it a simple choice for me to apply for this program.”

– Bernhard Schmid, M.S., PMP



ashleyh“The PM Certificate Program taught me how to think about projects through a new lens, which became a key differentiator on my resume. Thought leaders in the marketing industry are moving towards project management which has been essential in my management of website optimization for a Fortune 15 company.”

                                  – Ashley Hanania



MAHall“The graduate certificate in project management has given me the knowledge and confidence to successfully create a project management office within my department. That is quite a feat when one discovers that this has been created inside of an accounting office. I hired someone who had a bent towards project management and I had them properly trained and certified. It has taken over a year of preaching and preparation but I have been able to excite three of my staff accountants to be willing to be part-time project managers. I have rearranged their work loads and have begun formal project management training for them. In the past six months we have successfully completed four projects and we have seven more underway. We have a level of employee engagement that I haven’t seen in five years. Project management methodologies is simply an organized and intentional way to get the right things done rightly.”

                                      – Alan Hall