Affiliated Centers

The School of Communication has several affiliated centers and programs that both support and enhance the educational programs of the School. They include the Project Management Center, the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication and Seminole Productions.

The Project Management Center, founded by Dr. John DuBard, currently manages the School of Communication’s academic Graduate Certificate program in Project Management, which is described on several of the following and associated pages. The Communication faculty affiliated with the Center are actively engaged in instructing courses, developing workshops, and/or conducting research that achieve the goals of the Center. Visit the FSU Project Management Center.

The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, founded by Dr. Felipe Korzenny, manages the undergraduate minor in Hispanic Marketing Communication and the Graduate Certificate programs in Hispanic Marketing Communication and Multicultural Marketing Communication. The first of its kind in the United States, the center’s faculty and students are conducting ground-breaking research and serving as an innovative resource for the Hispanic marketing industry. Visit the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication site.

Seminole Productions is the School of Communication’s video production unit. Seminole Productions provides a variety of services to other campus departments. One major client is the athletic department. Seminole Productions also produces the weekly University sports highlight show, Seminole Sports Magazine, which reaches over two million households in Florida via the Sunshine Network. Students have numerous opportunities to become involved with Seminole Productions. Visit the Seminole Productions site

The Institute for Intercultural Communication and Research (IICR) is a collaborative effort between the Center for Global Engagement, The School of Communication and between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs at the Florida State University. The IICR coordinates services and educational/training activities that enhance existing and emerging efforts to expand campus wide internationalization efforts. The IICR will also coordinate research and assessment projects, in collaboration with faculty and staff, to measure the success of various programs in developing intercultural competencies in students in efforts to develop a more interculturally competent campus.  Visit the Institute for Intercultural Communication and Research site.