Communication Minors

Minor in Communication

The Communication Minor consists of twelve (12) semester hours in Communication courses selected from the following three (3) credit hour courses:

ADV 3008 - Principles of Advertising
ADV 3352 - Mass Media Law
ADV 3410 - Hispanic Marketing Communication
COM 3332 - New Communication Technology
COM 3483 - Reel Legal
COM 3930 - Special Topics in Communication
IFS 3033 - Media, Culture, & the Environment (previously COM 3420)
MMC 2000 - Introduction to Mass Media
PUR 3000 - Introduction to Public Relations
RTV 3001 - Media Techniques
SPC 3210 - Contemporary Human Communication

Please note that only the courses listed above can be applied to the minor, the School will not make any substitutions. Additionally, courses taken to meet the minor are not applicable to any other degree requirement. Only Coursework with a grade of “C-” or above in these courses will count toward the minor. At least six (6) hours of the Communication minor must be taken with School of Communication at Florida State University. Credit earned in meeting the OCCR (Oral Communication Competency Requirement) may not be used to satisfy the minor. Full Requirements for a Minor in Communication (PDF)

You do not have to complete any paperwork to begin working on a Communication minor and the School does not provide a certificate of Completion. It is the responsibility of your major to verify that you have completed the minor. The communication minor is offered on a space-available basis only. Any questions about the minor requirements should be directed to the College of Communication & Information Advising Center at (850)644-7278.


handshake_128pxMinor in Hispanic Marketing Communication

In conjunction with the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, the School of Communication offers a minor with an interdisciplinary approach to the study the Hispanic market, the fastest-growing demographic group in the United States. Students completing this course of study will add to their professional repertoire a skill set of knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that will allow them to successfully plan and execute marketing communication programs directed to Hispanic populations. This program will also provide marketers, advertisers, and the advertising industry with personnel qualified for positions targeting the Hispanic market (in diverse vertical markets). Read more

To get your minor in Hispanic Marketing Communication (minor in HMC), you need to take only one required course:

ADV 3410 - Hispanic Marketing Communications

Additionally, you need to complete courses within 3 major areas of study:

  1. Business and Marketing Strategies/Behavioral Theory (3 hrs)

  2. Hispanic History and Culture (3 hrs)

  3. Modern Literature or practical language applications (3 hrs)

These four courses will sum up a total of 12 credit hours.

In order to apply, you will also have to compose short essay of 1 or 2 pages answering 3 questions:

  • What are your plans and goals for activities after graduation?
  • How will a minor in HMC aid you in achieving those goals?
  • How does a focus in HMC relate to your major area of study?

A formal application is required.

Learn more about the minor, its requirements, and how to apply